We are thrilled to share some news with you today! 

Scott has just been qualified by the Criminal Court of Davidson County as a expert in Narcotics Investigation. This allows him to testify in court as an expert. It is such a joy for me to see the long hours, days and years I spent at home with our young boys, terrified if he would make it home alive, coming full circle. There was a time when he risked his life EVERY, single day. His reward wasn't his pay either, simply the knowledge of knowing he was fulfilling his calling. 

We are blessed to be fulfilling the new calling God placed in him. I can remember how nervous he was when he brought this idea to me. What he didn't know is that God had already placed the sense of change coming with me as well. I can remember telling him we just have to go ALL IN and TRUST. We have put our heads down and work. There are still long hours and a lot of work involved. However, we are not micromanaged and for the most part we can control when the work is done. We now have much more time together as a family. If one of our boys is sick or has a game or event, one, if not both of us is there. Neither of us have ever minded being hard workers and would be bored without it. The growth brings about the challenge of managing our work load and this brings me to our next point of big news......

We now have a total of 3 other investigators on board. Each one brings their own amazing skills and dynamic to the team. Joe has been with the company for awhile now, but I have to report I feel like he and I are growing in our surveillance skills and have become a great duo in the field. I have personally known Joe for about 20 years and Scott has known him even longer. Our next 2 new team members are Michael and Elizabeth. Both are retired Metro Officers as well. I can't tell you how blessed we feel to have been able to implement this strong team and we are truly a force to be reckoned with now! 

Our hope is that you think of us if you or someone you know may need any of our services. I can't wait to report what the next quarter of the year brings for us as well. We will continue to keep providing the best service possible for ALL our clients and pray we continue to be blessed.. 

Until next time, we hope you too continue to be blessed.