We received so much traffic on our picture from Scott's Graduation from MNPD Academy back in 1999 I thought it would be a great topic to blog on.  Ha, we look so young and we were, but we thought we had it all figured out. I was in my Senior year at MTSU when we met. Yes, we met at a bar in the Boro back in 1998. If you are a cool kid you may remember Main Street and a little band called Mel and the Party Hats. 

We had mutual friends and a couple of months later we would go on our first date and the rest is history. We have been together ever since. I had never been around guns, much less a family full of hunters and Police. My dad wrote computer software and drag raced cars and my mom is still an accountant.  I am pretty sure if you asked us back then this is where we would be almost 20 years later we would not agree. Honestly, I would have never thought in a million years Scott would retire from the Police Department before age 55 at least. Furthermore, if you want real honesty I am pretty sure that some had bets on whether or not we would make it together over the years, but I knew in my heart we would. 

We were married at ages 22 & 23 and when marrying a Cop odds are stacked against you. The divorce rate is extremely high as well as many other things. The entire first year we were married I was alone (well I had my big Rottie, Bo) for EVERY holiday. I signed my life away to do a ride along so we would be together on my birthday. A teenager killed himself that night paying russian roulette with his friends. Happy Birthday, right. This is the reality of the job. Cops see so much. Deal with so much, carry so much. Day in day out they see the worst in society. Every night before he left for his shift we prayed together. I would go to sleep without him only hoping he we walk in the door as I left out for my day and he slept. 

We waited 5 years to have our first little one. Talk about raising the anxiety on my part. That happens naturally when you become parents but holy smokes I didn't want our son to grow up without his dad. It was something I had to think about all the time as a possibility. It becomes your normal. Jack was a premie with colic and reflux and I was so afraid to wake Scott up in the night to help me with Jack or take turns in fear he would be exhausted at work the next day and if something happened to him I would never forgive myself. Scott was on a special unit at the time. Seriously, y'all not once did I ever wake him. Being the spouse of an officer is so hard on so many levels. 

Scott & I decided that we would talk about the job. I know we talked about what he did on a daily basis a lot more than some. For us this worked. I didn't want to be sheltered from such a huge part of his life. For us, I feel this is what got us thru the 17 years he was on the Department. 

By the time our second son came into the world we had been through a lot of the bumpy stuff already and had a groove. However, I remember one night I had just got both the boys to bed. Jack was 3 and Wyatt still under age one and Scott called me from a helicopter doing narcotics work. Normal, all normal. 

I had gotten used to what his daily work was. Like I said it is just what you consider normal. However, the flood of 2010 about sent me over the edge. Scott was Off Duty that weekend and we lived in Riverwalk Subdivision in Bellevue. Wyatt was days away from his first birthday and Jack just turned 4. Scott went out doing water rescues ALL day and I was alone with those 2 babies with no power, no cell phone service and no way to get out. Scott and a few of our neighbors received life saving awards for their service that day. Each time the husbands would come home Scott was never with them. He stayed in the water. When he finally made it home an officer that lived in our neighborhood told him he would have to work through the night keeping watch. Sorry, but I was pissed. He had been gone from his family all day saving others and I was about to loose my mind and he had to be gone again..what!!! It was then that I realized if something big was going down whether he was on or off duty I was on my own. So now you know one of my big motivations for staying in shape and learning guns. This momma bear has to be ready because I will be defending and protecting my family while Scott is protecting yours.

We are still writing our journey together and so many see where we are now but it all came from years of sacrifice. We would not be where we are today if it had not been for all the hard work Scott put into his work on the Department. He always strove to be the best. He took classes, traveled to conventions, NEVER turned his phone off!!! Worked his butt off. So did I. My work was just holding down everything else while he did all these things. I sacrificed a lot as well to make that happen. Everything other than going to work is a lot more than it sounds like. I can't thank God enough for allowing the path for our family he has. I thank him every day Scott made it out of the Department when he did. It was a pleasant twist to life I didn't see coming just a few short years ago. 

We thank all of our family and friends over the years for their love and support and we are so excited about what we get to do everyday.... Find the Truth. We are so honored and humbled to be growing this business together.  2017 is going to be an amazing year. Thank you to all who have put your trust in us thus far.