background checks

We are excited to announce something new! We have greatly expanded our background check capabilities.  

Todays workplace can be unpredictable. Consequences of hiring the wrong applicant can result in huge ramifications. Whether you are a small company, or larger one we now can provide you, the employer with background check information to make an informed decision. 

We can now provide: 

* Criminal and Civil records Nationwide, Federal, State & Local records for ALL states and counties in the US.

* Our Portal is FCRA compliant

* We can verify Credentials. This includes previous employment, professional licenses, education and degree verification. 

Custom Screening Packages to fit your company's personal needs.  (I am especially excited about this one because I like to make life easier for our clients. Property management companies should love this option or if you have found yourself in charge of one or more rental properties due to our current real estate market. No spending hours searching public records or renting without checking just hoping you made good character judgement.)

Speaking of making things easier....some folks like their paper while others like to have things fast and accessible via their smartphone etc. 

* Online paperless application

We hope you can feel how excited we are to provide this quick effective way to complete background checks. We take great pride in providing you with knowledge and peace of mind knowing you can make an informed decision.